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Humatrope 12mg  


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Humatrope 36IU (12mg) (Somatropin 12mg Injection) is used for treating:

Children those found with the deficiency of low hormone on their own, have short stature associated with Turner syndrome, have short stature, means they are slighter shorter than 98.6% of other children of the same age and sex, are growing at a rate not likely to allow them to reach normal adult height at age of 2-4 years age.

Adults who have growth hormone deficiency that began either in adulthood (as a result of hypothalamic disease, pituitary disease, radiation therapy, surgery, or trauma) or in childhood. Such type of patients are treated for growth hormone deficiency in childhood whose bones have stopped growing with age should be re-evaluated to determine if they should continue growth hormone.

Additional Information

SKU 00032
US Brand Name Humatrope (Somatropin) For Injection
Strength 12 mg (36 IU)
Generic Name Somatropin
Manufacturer Eli lilly
PharmaceuticalForm Vials
Shipped From US

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